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The Snow's Meltdown 1 (African American Romance): Meet Calvin Snow (Snow Series Book 2) eBook: Marita Kinney: Kindle Store.
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Shortly after, she is surprised to find that Edith had passed away and left her beachfront home in Delaware to Clare.

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It looks at the problem of marital abuse but balances that darkness with healing and hope. HeLa cells are a necessity in medical and biotech research. The cells originated in the body of Henrietta Lacks, a thirty-year-old woman suffering from cervical cancer that rapidly killed her. Taken without her knowledge or consent, her cells revolutionized modern medicine, yet for two decades her family did not know about them. Philbrick takes you on an exciting tale of seafaring, a whale attack, survival, starvation and the eventual cannibalism of the crew.

This National Book Award winner is a must read. A man fears for his family in the Pakistani Civil War and must rely on the kindness of friends. One couple mourns for a stillborn baby, while another contemplates items left behind in an old house. Each story has a special beauty and resonance. Lahiri demonstrates her outstanding ability to paint human experience.


Barry Laverty. These gentle, humorous, and sweet stories paint a vivid picture of Ireland in the s. The novel is a Victorian classic. Rochester to his odd servant Grace Pool. Eventually love and drama intertwine as Jane must attempt to understand the strange happenings of the house and desires of her heart. During the early decades of American slavery, there were also thousands of Irish indentured servants. While these people had eventual access to freedom because of their skin color, during the time of their servitude they were often treated as poorly as the slaves were.

This novel tells a riveting historical tale while illustrating the devastating consequences of human bondage in all its forms. Anemone for abandonment, caledula for enduring the heavy cares of the world, a dahlia for instability, a geranium for melancholy: At 18, Victoria Jones has gathered a bouquet of sorrows. Using the knowledge of the Victorian language of flowers—taught to her by the one foster parent with whom she might have had a future, if things had not taken a dark turn—she plants a small garden. When Randy Pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon, gave his last lecture, he knew it was vital to express his wisdom, as he was dying from pancreatic cancer.

This book reshapes and deepens his original lecture, conveying truths about living our lives to their fullest. The novel is a terrific book, at turns hilarious and poignant, by one of the finest humorists of our day. Lighthearted and full of warmth, Keillor celebrates the common events that fill our lives. Although the pieces are set in fictional Lake Woebegone, Minnesota, the stories remind us of our shared human experience. Unable to bear the thought of placing her newborn daughter in an orphanage, unwed mother Beatrice Cohn instead leaves the baby under a tree in her family orchard, and then watches until one of the Irish migrant families picks her up.

Emma Murphy raises the baby, who she names Lucy Pear, along with her eight other children. When Lucy is ten, events both private and public challenge the roles these women have created. In this delightful collection of letters, she describes these experiences to her former employer, Mrs. When he refused to stop, he was thrown into a den of lions, but angels sealed their mouths and saved him. What might not be known is the rest of the story.

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Tolkein were professors at Oxford University, and both were members of Inklings, a literary group who met on Thursday evenings to discuss their work. The story is also influenced by Celtic, Norse, and Greek mythology. When the Pevensies, four children from England, stumble upon a connection between our world and Narnia, they discover magic, talking animals, friendly satyrs, and a battle between good and evil. Rather than just a place to buy books, she created a community resource where readers of all sorts make connections with others in the community and the reading world at large.

The book is a set of hilarious tales of an eccentric gun-toting grandmother and her two grandchildren, visiting on their annual summer hiatus from Chicago. The novel, written by the award-winning Richard Peck, is a perfect and beloved yarn for seekers of all ages. Maisie Dobbs, the new maid at the London home of the suffragette Lady Rowan Compton, is not an average maid.


She volunteers as a nurse and then, when the war ends, decides to become a private detective. Her first promising case begins as an investigation of infidelity and deepens into a story of how the War affected British society. Maisie is spunky, intelligent, and witty; her story is part mystery, part romance, part history and completely entertaining.

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The story of how curmudgeonly Ove finds meaning in his life despite how much he misses his wife Sonja as well as his irritation with his old friend and current nemesis Rune and is baffled by the choices of contemporary life is simultaneously funny and heartbreaking. An year-old woman, somewhat deaf, awakens one night to the sound of music from her childhood playing loudly. Sacks writes about in this collection of neurological case studies. Interesting, informative, and illuminating, this work will make you think about what it means to be human.

In the original, the girls wait anxiously for letters from their father, off fighting in the Civil War. His wife, Marmee, waiting at home with the girls, will uncover uncomfortable truths of her own when her husband ends sick and wounded at Washington Hospital. A unique look at what remains one of the most important periods, and books, in American history. The town needs a photographer, and Will is just the man for the job. A simple, gentle read, Medicine River will make you laugh as you consider your ideas about Native Americans.

At the Silkeborg Museum in Denmark lies the Tollund Man: a body pulled from a peat bog, placed there roughly years ago. Tina Hopgood, who lives on an isolated farm in England, has been fascinated with this mummified corpse since she was a young adult, away from home at University, but has never gone to see it. Professor Anders Larsen works at the museum, and one day receives a letter from Tina. They start up a correspondence which, as they move from discussing the Tollund Man to their personal lives, blooms into a friendship.

This hopeful epistolary novel examines the passage of time, the effects of individual choices on the entirety of a life, love, grief, loneliness, the nature of happiness, and the ways we might be able to shape the lives we really want to live. Dorothea Brooke longs to do something with her life to enrich humanity, but is limited by the boundaries placed on her by Victorian society. Dorothea struggles to find purpose through marriage and love in hopes of reaching her potential to help others. Connie Danforth narrates the story of her mother, Sibyl—a rural Vermont midwife, who was tried for murder for performing an emergency Caesarean section on a woman that may have still been alive.

Sibyl must not only face the charges laid against her but the hostility of traditional doctors and the community. In time the truth of what really happened comes to light. Weaving the history of prohibition, orphan trains, Spanish influenza, coal mining and World War One with the lifestyle of a small Midwestern town, the story reads like an instant classic.

It manages to combine what is endearing about childhood—mystery, adventure, the power in an object, the pull of story and that deep-seated need for affection and a place to call your own—into a sweet and satisfying experience. The book is the true story of Dr. Paul Farmer, a renowned infectious-disease specialist. In his quest to diagnose and cure diseases, Farmer traveled to Haiti, Peru, Cuba, and Russia to bring the lifesaving tools of modern medicine to those who need them most.

Farmer dedicated his life to combating disease and poverty.

Many of his ideas are considered innovative solutions to worldwide cycles of suffering. In November , Dickens finds himself in a bit of a financial crisis. His wife has just had their sixth child, the holidays are almost upon him, and his serialized novel, The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit , is not selling well. To keep his publishing contract, he must write a Christmas story, even though the idea is not especially appealing.

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Wandering through London, he discovers an unusual source of inspiration. Willa Cather published her masterpiece My Antonia in to critical acclaim. Narrator Jim Burden tells the story beginning when, as a small boy, he left his life in civilized Virginia and traveled to the edge of the Nebraska frontier. Jim remembers his childhood friend, the vivacious and spirited Antonia, an immigrant child from Bohemia, and how their own lives, families, and friends were shaped by the beauty and cruelty of the Great Plains.

Universal themes of death, youth, and friendship have enthralled readers for the near century this novel has now been in print. My Antonia captures the settling of the American frontier as no other work of fiction ever has. Ansari was the first Muslim woman to travel into space. In her memoir, she tells the story of her early years in Tehran, her immigration to American, and the financial successes that allowed her to enter the Russian space program.

She also writes about her time in space, which was spent not as a professional astronaut, but as an observer, so her experiences are more personal than scientific. A fast and touching read that might inspire you to follow your own dreams. Having grown up emotionally divided between the religious devoutness of her rabbi grandfather and the academic world of her parents, Remen shares with her readers the lessons she learned as she consolidated these two views and embraced healing. A historical novel by the author of These is My Words , My Name is Resolute narrates the story of the daughter of a Jamaican plantation owner.

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Resolute is kidnapped, along with most of her family save her mother, by pirates and sold as an indentured slave in America. She is driven by the desire to return home to her mother, but her life takes her to many other places: Montreal, a stint with the Native Americans, Massachusetts. It is in Lexington that she is caught up in the political and social upheaval that will lead to the Revolutionary War. Or did she say no to Mark, fall in love with Bee, and have three children? Is her life as a traditional wife and mother the real one?

Or the one where she was a travel writer in love with Italy? The novel tells the story of both possible lives, leaving Patricia and the reader to decide: which was the real one?

Can the Dominion find allies?

This intriguing and unusual novel will push you to look at your own choices and consider how your life was changed by them. Here Margaret discovers a sharp contrast to her previous experiences, caused by the poverty and difficult working conditions of the factory laborers. She also meets John Thornton, the powerful owner of a cotton mill. In the wake of a colossal nuclear war, Australia is still alive, but slowly anticipating the arrival of radioactive fallout from the Northern hemisphere. Still, life must go on much as before — babies must be cared for, people fall in love, and everyone makes their own choices about the coming end.

On the Beach changed how the world thought about the threat of nuclear war, and would eventually be made into an award-winning film, the first American movie to premiere in the Soviet Union, starring Gregory Peck.